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So While The Nats Are Fishing Off Cocoa Beach Pier…

…”Ha, ha, hey guys, isn’t this cool? Isn’t this cool, Zimm? Wow, fishing with the guys. This is better than hanging out at the Orange Julius at the mall. Man, what if we catch a shark? Wouldn’t that be cool? Alright, ha, ha, alright, not cool for you Roger, but you know what I mean. [...] Continue reading

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So While The Nats Take Bryce Harper To The Local Gentlemen’s Club…

We can only sit behind our computers and speculate at what an awesome life change that guy is going through right now. Do you remember the first time your buddies ever took you to a strip club when you turned 18? I do. The 1320 Club in Springfield, VA. Bad dancers, great Coca-Cola. Rite of [...] Continue reading

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So While The Nats Are Out Preparing For Disco Night…

We can speculate which one of them would look best in a fro. My money is on Tyler Clippard. That guy looks like he can party like Boogie Nights. We are combining the past two days events due to me going through a strange, serious bout of exhaustion and dizziness yesterday probably caused by eating [...] Continue reading

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So While The Nats Are Out Playing Golf Right Now…

We can huddle together giggling and whisper things behind their backs. Tee, hee, won’t this be fun? Another day of only the greatest job in the world closes in Viera and as the Nats shower, grab their clubs and drop their balls we’ll rehash the days proceedings for you. Unless something insanely huge breaks or [...] Continue reading

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Thursday’s Nationals Spring Training Workout Roundup

By all accounts of this morning’s first official workouts, Chien-Ming Wang still isn’t close to throwing full out from a mound.
From Zuckerman:  Now, I’m by no means a pitching expert, and my eye for these things isn’t anywhere in the same area code as Steve McCatty and the rest of the coaching staff. But Wang sure wasn’t throwing the ball with much oomph. He’s got a very Continue reading

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The Biggest News Of The Day Came Early On The Viera Line

Good morning. It has been a good morning. The only thing that would make this morning any better is Nationals box scores. I awoke early, came to headquarters in my robe, sucked back a cup of Joe and got ready to wait for the big news coming out of Viera. Shockingly, it arrived bright and [...] Continue reading

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A 52-Inch Highlander Broadsword Is Not Bigger Than Nats ST Season Tix

Proof. Last night some of the anthropoids that I let hang around and I begin our pre-Spring Training rituals and pounded some Dark ‘N’ Stormys while pondering some of the deeper mysteries of the Universe such as the Bermuda Triangle and if everyone in the world farted at once, would we gas ourselves to death? [...] Continue reading

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The Ghost Of Willingham’s Guns Not Impressed By The Shark’s Swell

I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write about it because a bunch of sportswriters/bloggers sitting around writing about how the sun gleams off the moist, ripped arms of another man is sort of, well– you know. Moisty. But that is what we are doing when talking about Roger “The Shark” Bernadina’s brand new [...] Continue reading

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Ode to Springtime

You won’t find one here.
Not that I’m not psyched for the start of baseball season.  I’m just as excited as everyone else that pitchers and catchers reported today, signalling the start of spring training.  It means we’re only a month and a half away from games that count!
But tales of "emerald fields" and "azure skies" are a little overboard.  No other sport romanticizes the start of training Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Wang Still Broken

Actually it really isn’t breaking news, but it kind of is if you look at it from the right perspective and those big, bold letters announcing the BREAKING are just awesome in the header– Nationals starter Chien-Ming Wang has thrown four bullpen sessions and off flat ground in Viera, (Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day) but [...] Continue reading

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