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THE RESULT:  It became a constant refrain, whether or not Adam Dunn was actually at bat Tuesday night or not.  Between innings.  On a put out at first base.  On random occasions.  But especially when the Nationals potential free agent first baseman came to bat.
"Sign Adam Dunn!"
The chants were never louder than in the ninth inning, when he came to the plate to lead off in a 1-1 tie.
"Sign Adam Continue reading

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GAME 157 REVIEW: A Tale of Two Franchises

"That’s the reason you want to come to a team like this. They know how to do it," — Phillies starter Roy Halladay

"Kind of embarrassing when everyone in the stadium is clapping against you and you’re at home," Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond.

Phillies fans — as far as the eye can see — revel in division title at Nationals Park.
(Photo by C. Nichols/Nats News Network)
Monday night at Continue reading

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GAME 149 REVIEW: Walk-off Werth Completes Weekend Sweep

THE RESULT:  You could see it coming a mile away.
And with each batter the outcome became increasingly clear. 
Single.  Double.  RBI single.  Home run.
That’s how the Philadelphia Phillies erased a three-run deficit to beat the Washington Nationals 7-6 in the ninth inning Sunday, before another sell-out crowd of 44,936 at Citizen’s Bank Park.  And that was while the Eagles were playing as well. Continue reading

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GAME 148 REVIEW: Zimmermann Struggles Against Phillies, Nats Lose 5-2

THE RESULT:  The Philadelphia Phillies rode three home-park aided home runs to defeat Jordan Zimmermann and the Washington Nationals 5-2 before 45,222 at Citizen’s Bank Park.
In his fifth start returning from Tommy John surgery, Zimmermann gave up nine hits in his three inning of work.  His velocity was the best it’s been this season, but he had no bite on any of this breaking balls and suffered Continue reading

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I have been in a daze since I got home from the ballpark on Monday evening.
My family and friends all asked me how Opening Day was, and my universal answer was “horrible”.
I have been a Nationals fan (and a Senators fan before that) long enough to know that 11-1 losses happen. It is part of [...] Continue reading

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