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Your Nationals Dispatch: Letter to Shackleford Edition

Dear Shackleford, I know it has been a couple days since the Kentucky Derby and your fourth place finish and you probably don’t want to relive and remember the last 50 feet to the finish line that ultimately defined your run, but I have to get this letter off my chest. Ever since the authorities [...] Continue reading

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Nationals Meatloaf Is Being Tossed On Twitter

If you don’t have a Twitter I suggest you get one right now so you can follow the Nats NQ AND the complete laughfest that is going on between the Washington Nationals, Stephen Strasburg, Rob Dibble and Stan Kasten currently. The quick and basic story is last year color man Rob Dibble got fired (although [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Chilly Monday Morning Nats Workout

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Your Nationals Dispatch: The Humungus Among Us Edition

I took a few days off from the NQ to really do two things: get over the disappointment of the 2010 season and to watch the Road Warrior, like, 10 or 15 times. Epic movie. Truly one of the great big cock movies ever. Pre-loon Mel Gibson at his finest.
I only mention it because while [...] Continue reading

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I’ll Say Hi To Manny Acta If I See Him

The Nationals Inquisition will not be “insquistioning” this weekend for we have been called out on assignment– to Cleveland of all places. I hear former Nats manager Manny Acta has been lurking around those parts so if I see him I’ll be sure to say hi.
This trip is unavoidable and comes at a bad time [...] Continue reading

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With Team In The Toilet, Kasten Resigns – UPDATED

Nationals President Stan Kasten has resigned says a Tweet from writer Jon Heyman. Kasten, who has been with the team since baseball returned to the District in 2005, was rumored to be thinking about throwing in the towel and such rumors came to a head after an article appeared in the Washington Post from [...] Continue reading

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A few words with Stan Kasten

Lets have a little contest. Without doing the research I had to do to compile these stats, tell me which set of statistics belongs to which season – the first eleven games of 2009, or the first eleven games of 2010:

Year A
Year B

Runs Scored

Runs Allowed

Team Batting Average

Team OPS


Team ERA

They seem pretty comparable, don’t they? One set of [...] Continue reading

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