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Out For The Season. LaOuche.

Reports are coming in that Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche will have season ending surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. LaRoche met with team officials today just before Tuesday’s game against the Cardinals to discuss his options. What he chose is a bitter pill to swallow. The buck hunting first baseman [...] Continue reading

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Zimmermanpolooza Begins

You’ll never guess who is back. Never. You could take a million years and come up with a gazillion different answers, but you still would never get it. I would recommend not even trying because you’ll never guess. Quit now while you are ahead. Don’t waste your breath. No, don’t even make a dicky-bird. You [...] Continue reading

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More Information Reveals Livo Might Be Going Tony Montana On Everyone

The Washington Times released a story last night that gives detailed research and testimony into the possible links and relationships harbored by Nationals pitcher Livan Hernandez and the known drug trafficker Angel Ayala-Vazquez aka “El Buster”… what a weak drug dealer name. It doesn’t really intimidate anyone except maybe a classroom full of Kindergarten children. [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: SPOOOCK! Edition

You remember the most recent Star Trek movie? Eric Bana plays the villain, a Romulan miner gone absolutely apeshit and there is this scene where he goes nuts and starts screaming, “SPOCK!”? For absolutely no reason at all except for the fact recent news in Natstown might make you go equally as batty and shout [...] Continue reading

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Riggleman and Marquis Get A Pankin’

Yeah, Jim, I’d look a little glum too if I got screwed over like you and Jason Marquis did. Usually I’d bust your balls about your managerial skills or your substitutions, but tonight you and I are on the same page, pal. What happened to you and Marquis is bulls**t. reports the MLB has [...] Continue reading

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His Beard Hurts

I feel so out of the loop. Having a real job and doing real work actually really sucks– if you consider coyote chasing a real job and real work. It seems every time I feel I get caught up on the Nats I am suddenly buried in oodles of information and news that is being [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Mugshots, Millionaires And More Edition

I would like to proudly announce that the lovely Miss Natpenny and I are expecting our second little Nats fan this October. I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am. This news means three things: My seed is awesome. (Sorry ladies, you missed out.) The Nationals Inquisition now has potentially two who can [...] Continue reading

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Adam LaRoche Is Placed On The DL And Almost No One Notices – UPDATED

Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche has been placed on the 15-Day DL says The shoulder injury that has been plaguing the buck hunting first bagman since Spring Training finally caught up with him. It is said that multi-talented Michael Morse will be taking over first base duties in LaRoche’s absence. A corresponding move to [...] Continue reading

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I’m Feeling Zimmermanish This Afternoon

All-Star, Gold Glove/Silver Slugger winning, epic Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman reported on his Facebook page yesterday that he was en route to Viera, Florida to partake in a more aggressive rehab that included more “baseball specific activities” and he was feeling better and better everyday. This is, of course, good news and really the [...] Continue reading

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Strasburg Makes Official First Step From the First First Step He Took Before reports that Stephen Strasburg threw his first bullpen session from a mound at the Nationals Spring Training complex in Viera, Florida on Monday afternoon. It was rumored that this type of session was going to come to pass sometime soon for Strasburg and apparently it came Monday. It is the first time Strasburg has [...] Continue reading

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