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Nats Postgame – 2-1 win over Phillies

Nats 2, Phillies 1

Nothing makes a cross-country flight go smoother than a couple of wins against the four-time defending division champions. The Nats, now headed to Phoenix for the start of an 11-game West Coast road trip, were in some dire straits e… Continue reading

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Nats Postgame – 8-3 loss to Orioles

Orioles 8, Nats 3

Maybe momentum really is as good as the next day’s starting pitcher. For the Nationals, the glory of Friday night’s 17-run offensive explosion against the Orioles gave way to a back-to-reality 8-3 loss at Camden Yards on Saturday… Continue reading

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Nats Postgame – Bernadina’s catch

Marlins 6, Nationals 5 (11 innings)

Tough loss for the Nationals, who seemed to come up short on every 50-50 play Friday night against Florida. From Omar Infante’s brilliant slide to score the eventual winning run to Michael Morse’s potential game… Continue reading

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Nats Go KAPOW, ZOOM, SMASH, THWOMP In Eighth For Win

They are gone. The Warlocks are finally gone. I returned from the Nationals three hour and thirty minute, 14-9 victory Spring Training affair with the Houston Astros and found the Warlocks gone. Who are the Warlocks? The redneck family that has been giving me the shakes the past week at Camp NQ. From loud arguments [...] Continue reading

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Nats Head Over Heels In Spring Training Victory

Have you ever smelled a baseball? I’m not talking about a baseball you get in a store, but one that just came off the grass in the heat of battle, still with slight green stains and the leather slightly chaffed. I’m holding one right now that came from Nationals batting practice this morning. I’m letting [...] Continue reading

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Roger Bernadina Will Sign “The Shark” If You Want Him To

During the Nationals Spring Training Season Ticket Holder Party yesterday I got the unique chance to perform an interesting experiment: Would Roger “The Shark” Bernadina sign something as just “The Shark” if you asked him?
You … Continue reading

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Photos From Your Rainy Tuesday Morning Nats Workout

Continue reading

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Nats One Step Closer To Being World Spring Training Champions

They say victory tastes sweet and if that is true then it has to taste like a glass of ice, cold Harvey’s Orange Juice. That is why I am having one now. A toast! A toast to Washington’s 9-3 victory over the New York Mets in their Spring Training opener. Cheers– Damn that is so [...] Continue reading

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The Ghost Of Willingham’s Guns Not Impressed By The Shark’s Swell

I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write about it because a bunch of sportswriters/bloggers sitting around writing about how the sun gleams off the moist, ripped arms of another man is sort of, well– you know. Moisty. But that is what we are doing when talking about Roger “The Shark” Bernadina’s brand new [...] Continue reading

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The Shark Fans Heard Around The World… Or At Least D.C.

Two days ago the NQ blogged on Roger Bernadina’s mysterious nickname “The Shark” and it sparked off some behind the scenes conversations with bloggers and fans as to the origins of the fishy handle. The NQ did some simple research via the Internet and while things like Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary and even Baseball-Reference (thanks to [...] Continue reading

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