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Your Nationals Dispatch: Mugshots, Millionaires And More Edition

I would like to proudly announce that the lovely Miss Natpenny and I are expecting our second little Nats fan this October. I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am. This news means three things: My seed is awesome. (Sorry ladies, you missed out.) The Nationals Inquisition now has potentially two who can [...] Continue reading

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Elijah Dukes Swears He Didn’t Have A Man Purse Of Drugs

I’ve come to the conclusion that Elijah Dukes is a character and he will always have his space on this blog. The troubled former Nationals outfielder is just too bizarre to ignore. Yesterday the Nationals Journal broke the story that the Tampa Tribune would be printing a story this morning about Dukes, who is now [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Rainy Day Edition

I’m looking out the NQ periscope and I see this strange, wet, transparent crap littering the ground. I think it is coming from the sky. Jesus, it looks cold out there. I don’t look forward to walking from headquarters to my limo waiting outside, but fortunately I am wearing my blaze orange hunting jumpsuit. Actually [...] Continue reading

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Remind You of 2005?

It shouldn’t.
The Nationals of 2005 were a very different animal than the Nationals of 2010. In many ways, it feels the same, and Mark Zuckerman wrote today of the last time that the Nationals were four games above .500. But on September 18, 2005, the Nationals were riding the escalator down, while our 2010 Nationals [...] Continue reading

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Damn you, Jim Bowden.
Back in 2007, when Bowden traded for Elijah Dukes, the fans of the [Devil] Rays couldn’t have been happier to get anything in trade (in this case, Glenn Gibson) for Dukes. Tampa Bay fans, and the Rays organization had given up on him. Nationals fans, while wary, were willing to give Dukes [...] Continue reading

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I was reading Tom Boswell’s piece in The Post today, and it got me thinking about the Nationals, and their first year in Washington. The return of baseball to Washington had captivated me – as a native Washingtonian and childhood fan of the Senators, I made the trip back to DC for Opening Day – [...] Continue reading

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