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Nats Barely Clip Mets, Rich The Mets Fan Is Sad

We call him Rich The Mets Fan. He lives down here in the swamp and we found him sitting in Section 109 (Section NQ) during one of the earlier games of Spring Training. He is a Spring Training Machine. He brings a bag full of papers, documents, print outs of pretty much every team and [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Delayed Game Thursday Nats Workout

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Nats Go KAPOW, ZOOM, SMASH, THWOMP In Eighth For Win

They are gone. The Warlocks are finally gone. I returned from the Nationals three hour and thirty minute, 14-9 victory Spring Training affair with the Houston Astros and found the Warlocks gone. Who are the Warlocks? The redneck family that has been giving me the shakes the past week at Camp NQ. From loud arguments [...] Continue reading

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Spring Training Season Ticket Holder Shin-Dig

Yesterday after the Nationals 5-3 victory over the New York Mets, the Nats held a special Spring Training Season Ticket Holder Party. You had to RSVP and everything. I felt like a fancy pants. Except, they almost didn’t let me in. I had my reservation and everything, but there was this guy and girl who [...] Continue reading

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Mets Slap The Hand That Murdered Them

At roughly 11am today a rainstorm rolled in through Viera and let Space Coast Stadium have it, but regardless, everyone from fan to player there today kept their spirits above water and were rewarded with a Washington Nationals Space Coast Stadium Opening Game victory over the New York Mets, 5-3. I would rather be in [...] Continue reading

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So While The Nats Drive Around In Golf Carts…

Well, we are finally ready. The cover wagon has been packed up, the wheel axles have been changed and greased, the oxen are fine and fed. All that is left to do is get a box of shells for the musket and procure a 30 day supply of salted beef for the trip to Florida. [...] Continue reading

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We Are Only Dust In The Wind, Nats

This posting is going to seem completely thrown together and the reason for that is because it was. Three days ago I was happily blogging away when I went to shut my laptop and I heard a big crack. That is when my monitor proceeded to detach from the keyboard. Since that time I have [...] Continue reading

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Don’t Drunk Dial 911 On Storen Yet

First things first, the NQ was not around this weekend for the ONE, TWO, THREE knockout the Phillies landed on the Nationals because we were at a wedding. Natty Galore, one of our Washington informants finally tied the knot. Many a single young boy went limp the moment she said “Oh, ok. I do. [...] Continue reading

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Remind You of 2005?

It shouldn’t.
The Nationals of 2005 were a very different animal than the Nationals of 2010. In many ways, it feels the same, and Mark Zuckerman wrote today of the last time that the Nationals were four games above .500. But on September 18, 2005, the Nationals were riding the escalator down, while our 2010 Nationals [...] Continue reading

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Will History Repeat Itself?

I make an effort not to put myself in the position to be an armchair General Manager. I figure that there are probably fifty people in the world who are qualified to be a Major League GM, and I am not one of them. For me to comment would be a little like me commenting [...] Continue reading

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