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Nats Postgame – 2-1 win over Phillies

Nats 2, Phillies 1

Nothing makes a cross-country flight go smoother than a couple of wins against the four-time defending division champions. The Nats, now headed to Phoenix for the start of an 11-game West Coast road trip, were in some dire straits e… Continue reading

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Royals have something to Crow about

Kevin Dunleavy

Former Nationals first-round draft choice Aaron Crow is the hottest fantasy league addition in recent days. With the demotion of Joakim Soria, after his third straight blown save … Continue reading

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Trying times for Nats reliever Sean Burnett

Last season Nats left-handed reliever Sean Burnett led a charmed life on the field. He finished with an 2.14 ERA and established himself as a go-to option for manager Jim Riggleman out of the bullpen – against hitters from either side of the plate. W… Continue reading

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Nats Slap Around World Champs, Feel Good About Themselves

Like big bullies, the Washington Nationals swooped in and defeated the defending World Champion San Francisco Giants 2-0 on Monday night amidst a backdrop of patriotism and nationalism on Military Appreciation Night at Nationals Park with no regard to how fragile the World Champs could be. The Nationals wore their new “patriotic” alternative uniforms that [...] Continue reading

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Old Dog Line-Up Doesn’t Teach New Tricks

The Nationals left budding young stars Ian Desmond and Danny Espinosa out of the starting line-up yesterday and instead went with what the NQ labeled “The Mentor Line-Up.” Jerry Hairston Jr. and Alex Cora, veterans of the league, were inserted instead and with grizzled Jason Marquis on the mound, The $126 Million Dollar Man in [...] Continue reading

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Birthday Boy Morse Puts The Candles On The Nats WIN Cake

Before we light the candles on this baby, I feel like I have to say something. I feel like I absolutely dropped the ball yesterday. First, Bryce Harper goes down with an ankle injury and then the Nationals get into a baffling half-brawl with the St. Louis Cardinals over in Jupiter. The NQ was at [...] Continue reading

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Only Beer Drinking Bananas Had Fun At The Nats Game Today

God awful are the only two words to describe it. God awful. The Nationals were decimated by the St. Louis Cardinals today 10-4 and are now on a five-game Spring Training losing streak. It is “only Spring Training” but that doesn’t mean it is any easier to watch this team make the same horrible mistakes [...] Continue reading

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Not much of a relief so far this year

Brian McNally

It was their biggest strength last season. To be honest — it might have been their only strength. But relying on a strong bullpen is often fool’s gold for any major league club.

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Nats Get Cat Scratched By The Kittens

Lord, it was a hot one today. The Space Coast digital thermometer peaked at 76 78 80 degrees and the sun was unmerciful. My skin looks like– gator jerky and feels on fire. It would have all been made worth it if the Nats were as equally unmerciful to the visiting Detroit Tigers, but sadly [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Pre-Mob Nats Saturday Workout

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