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We Are Only Dust In The Wind, Nats

This posting is going to seem completely thrown together and the reason for that is because it was. Three days ago I was happily blogging away when I went to shut my laptop and I heard a big crack. That is when my monitor proceeded to detach from the keyboard. Since that time I have [...] Continue reading

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Stephen Strasburg has started throwing

As he prepares to join his Nationals teammates this weekend at spring training, Stephen Strasburg has reached a significant milestone in his recovery from Tommy John surgery. For the first time since he felt a pop in his right elbow on Aug. 21, when he… Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Word From The Nats Bum Edition

Look at this poor bastard. Word has it he fought in the war, has a piece of shrapnel shaped like Jesus embedded near his kidney and he carries a soiled Matt Chico rookie card in his back pocket for some reason. He lives in the lap of luxury– Lot HH in a cardboard box on [...] Continue reading

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A Strasburg Picture That Will Blow Your Mind

I have no idea what is more extreme in this picture: Stephen Strasburg with the beginnings of a beard that will no doubt rival that of his father Zeus one day or the fact Strasburg is pointing that surgically, repaired arm towards the camera in a threatening manner.
If you think this still grab is scary, [...] Continue reading

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Stephen Strasburg expects to start throwing before start of spring training

Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg said Monday his rehabilitation from elbow ligament-replacement surgery remains on pace, and he expects to begin throwing again in California “a few weeks before” reporting to spring training in Viera, Fla., alon… Continue reading

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Symbiotic relationship

Brian McNally

The jokes certainly made the rounds this week. Maybe Scott Boras, arguably the most famous sports agent around, should gra… Continue reading

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Hall of Famer for any age

Brian McNally

Today, we marvel at athletes excelling in their chosen sport so young. How amazing that Sidney Crosby can win a Stanley Cu… Continue reading

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Stephen Strasburg, would-be Rookie of the Year

The impression Stephen Strasburg left on baseball in 2010, his ability to dominate on the mound and command (unwanted) attention when he wasn’t, was as grand as any other player. The story of this year in baseball is incomplete without him. But he will… Continue reading

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D.C.’s ready to dance with the stars

Leon Saffelle

As we begin November, the Capitals offer the only realistic shot at bringing a championship to the District any time soon. However, that doesn’t mean you can sleep on the city’s ot… Continue reading

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Harper vs. Strasburg, Winner Takes Immortality

The battle that every Nationals fan boy rushes home to their mother’s basement with a box of tissues about has finally come. Phenom verus phenom. The 18-year old Scottsdale Scorpion, Nationals prospect Bryce Harper sends his power and ego against the speed and ice-cold demeanor of Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg. An epic confrontation. Batter versus [...] Continue reading

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