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“Houston– Nats Still Have Problems…”

On a night where MASN was in full broadcast mode, the Potomac Nationals walked onto the field to accept their 2010 Championship Rings, rocket launches were taking place and post-game fireworks were on the schedule, you’d think the Nationals would be ready to make some sparks of their own against the Houston Astros. But no. [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Delayed Game Thursday Nats Workout

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Chris Marrero Had A Uniform Malfunction– Or Something

I debated posting this up on the site because we are so high class and snobby, but then after 5 minutes of deliberation I said, “Screw it.” This sort of stuff is part of the Spring Training baseball experience, you sent us down here to give you that experience and by God, we are going [...] Continue reading

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Nats One Step Closer To Being World Spring Training Champions

They say victory tastes sweet and if that is true then it has to taste like a glass of ice, cold Harvey’s Orange Juice. That is why I am having one now. A toast! A toast to Washington’s 9-3 victory over the New York Mets in their Spring Training opener. Cheers– Damn that is so [...] Continue reading

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Nats finding some order

Leon Saffelle

Barring a major trade before spring training starts in roughly five weeks, the addition of first baseman Adam LaRoche is l… Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Hot Chicks On Big Screen Edition

Happy post-Thanksgiving greetings, Natstown. The NQ hopes your holiday was as fun as ours, but not too much more fun because then we’d be jealous and jealously leads to rage, rage to anger, anger to hatred, hatred to suffering and all that Yoda jazz. Our turkey was juicy. That is all I am saying.
And that [...] Continue reading

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Good News, Nats Can’t Lose in Nats Park In 2010 Again

It is true. They can’t. BECAUSE THIS HOUSE IS CLOSED!
For the rest of 2010 anyways. The Nationals home campaign came to an end last night as they were completely butt invaded by the Philadelphia Phillies 7-1. Starting pitcher Ross Detwiler gave up four homeruns (two were back-to-back in the first inning) and the only offense [...] Continue reading

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The Savage 2010 Season

The Washington Nationals are ending their 2010 season at Nationals Park pretty much the same way they started it: to the sound of vile taunts, the stench of raw flatulence and the drunken, frontrunner applause of hundreds of fans– that were not their own.
The Nationals were ravaged by the Philadelphia Phillies 8-0 last night at [...] Continue reading

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With Arms Wide Open, Nats Win. Finally. Or Not.

Well, the Nats won and all last night, but it is hard to be positive about anything in Natstown after this morning’s Strasburg news.
The Nationals held a conference call with over 50 media outlets and bloggers to inform the world that pitcher Stephen Strasburg has a torn elbow ligament and will require Tommy John Surgery, [...] Continue reading

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Will History Repeat Itself?

I make an effort not to put myself in the position to be an armchair General Manager. I figure that there are probably fifty people in the world who are qualified to be a Major League GM, and I am not one of them. For me to comment would be a little like me commenting [...] Continue reading

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