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Nats Deal With Killer Bees And Game Killing Pitching In Loss

I was comfortably seated behind home plate in my cozy season ticket seats taking with my new found best friend and baseball fan “The Wiz” when we looked up at the field and suddenly every player shifted towards left field. “What the hell is going on?” asked The Wiz. I couldn’t tell at first. The [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Sunburned Friday Morning Nats Workout

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Nats Head Over Heels In Spring Training Victory

Have you ever smelled a baseball? I’m not talking about a baseball you get in a store, but one that just came off the grass in the heat of battle, still with slight green stains and the leather slightly chaffed. I’m holding one right now that came from Nationals batting practice this morning. I’m letting [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Sunny Wednesday Morning Nats Workout

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Mets Slap The Hand That Murdered Them

At roughly 11am today a rainstorm rolled in through Viera and let Space Coast Stadium have it, but regardless, everyone from fan to player there today kept their spirits above water and were rewarded with a Washington Nationals Space Coast Stadium Opening Game victory over the New York Mets, 5-3. I would rather be in [...] Continue reading

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Your Rainy Tuesday Morning Nats Workout

The NQ awoke this morning bright and early and after a hardy breakfast of wild oranges, freshly caught sea trout and a couple squirrel drumsticks we made our way to Space Coast Stadium for the first time of 2011 with full intentions of doing blog. We took the 17 mile trip under cloudy skies and [...] Continue reading

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Nats One Step Closer To Being World Spring Training Champions

They say victory tastes sweet and if that is true then it has to taste like a glass of ice, cold Harvey’s Orange Juice. That is why I am having one now. A toast! A toast to Washington’s 9-3 victory over the New York Mets in their Spring Training opener. Cheers– Damn that is so [...] Continue reading

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Nats Spring Fashion And First Merch FAIL of 2011

The NQ needed to gather some supplies this morning that we didn’t necessarily bring with us initially so we chained the dogs and dragon to a pole and left our campsite in their care and made our way into Viera. We made a quick stop along the way at Space Coast Stadium to see if [...] Continue reading

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So While The Nats Drive Around In Golf Carts…

Well, we are finally ready. The cover wagon has been packed up, the wheel axles have been changed and greased, the oxen are fine and fed. All that is left to do is get a box of shells for the musket and procure a 30 day supply of salted beef for the trip to Florida. [...] Continue reading

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Two Of The Nats Big Hopes Turn Into Blundermonkeys

I know these particular stories have been beaten to death already and put under every sort of analysis and debate, but I don’t truly consider the horse glue until we’ve had at it. So here is our two cents. It has been no secret that two of the most popular players right now in Nationals [...] Continue reading

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