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Your Nationals Dispatch: SPOOOCK! Edition

You remember the most recent Star Trek movie? Eric Bana plays the villain, a Romulan miner gone absolutely apeshit and there is this scene where he goes nuts and starts screaming, “SPOCK!”? For absolutely no reason at all except for the fact recent news in Natstown might make you go equally as batty and shout [...] Continue reading

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Big Changes On Little Nats Blog

It would figure I am out in the middle of nowhere and my staff calls me up in a frenzy, rapidly talking about how finally they are ready to move forward on the Nationals Inquisition redesign. I’d love to be in headquarters as these chimps throw their matter at the computer, but it is what [...] Continue reading

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The Nats Better Keep Winning While We Are Gone

The NQ will be taking the weekend off. My mysterious pursuer has shaken my nerves to the limits and I will have to handle this the only way I know how: lead him out of deep water and into the shallows where I can drown him. Like in the movie Jaws before the shark completely [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: The Spider Crickets Edition

I’m not a fan of spider crickets. They are absolutely horrid, disgusting creatures much like leeches and ticks, but more devilish because they actually show signs of intelligence and aggression. They move when you try to squash them and they will actually turn around and jump on you like they are trying to attack you. [...] Continue reading

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The NQ Will Be A Special Guest MASN Blogger At Bloggermania

Picture this: You are reading on the Nationals Buzz and going over the usual stories and info that MASNsports brings you. Suddenly, your monitor flickers. Then parts of the website start going black. Bam, bam, bam– whole sections go dark. For a few moments you wonder what the hell is going on then– you [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Hot Chicks On Big Screen Edition

Happy post-Thanksgiving greetings, Natstown. The NQ hopes your holiday was as fun as ours, but not too much more fun because then we’d be jealous and jealously leads to rage, rage to anger, anger to hatred, hatred to suffering and all that Yoda jazz. Our turkey was juicy. That is all I am saying.
And that [...] Continue reading

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Spring Training At Its Bloggiest

The NQ has an announcement about our upcoming Endless Spring Campaign: it is still there and we are still doing it. If you’d like to donate, please use the widget on the right side of this blog or go here to donate or find out what we are talking about.
However, with the Spring Training Schedule [...] Continue reading

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I’ll Say Hi To Manny Acta If I See Him

The Nationals Inquisition will not be “insquistioning” this weekend for we have been called out on assignment– to Cleveland of all places. I hear former Nats manager Manny Acta has been lurking around those parts so if I see him I’ll be sure to say hi.
This trip is unavoidable and comes at a bad time [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Nat Scratch Fever Edition

After the Nats Friday From Hell where they both lost Stephen Strasburg and the game, the mood in the NQ was a bit down and sour. To remedy this, I put the staff and myself on a strict diet of red meat and Ted Nugent. We spent the weekend listening to nothing, but Ted Nugent [...] Continue reading

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