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Nats Postgame – 8-3 loss to Orioles

Orioles 8, Nats 3

Maybe momentum really is as good as the next day’s starting pitcher. For the Nationals, the glory of Friday night’s 17-run offensive explosion against the Orioles gave way to a back-to-reality 8-3 loss at Camden Yards on Saturday… Continue reading

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Fear And Nats Blogging In The DMV

Dear God. It has happened. They’ve found me. It has been a wild 48 hours for the NQ. I’ve been living in a state of absolute paranoia which is why updates on the blog have been scatter brained at best lately. Sweet Jesus, I can’t believe it. I looked out my window a couple of [...] Continue reading

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Maybe Ian Desmond Should Have More Babies

The Nationals Journal reports Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond will sometime in the near future leave the team for a few days on paternity leave. No, Desmond is not pregnant, but his wife is. Jesus, didn’t you people people take college biology or something? Desmond and his wife Chelsea are expecting their first born son, really [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your HEY IT’S ZIMMERMAN! Nats Tuesday Workout

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