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Ryan Zimmerman on Adam Dunn’s 1B defense

Brian McNally

Local reporters got a chance to catch up with Ryan Zimmerman at Nationals Park as the club unveiled its revamped uniforms for 2011. You’ve all seen the photos by now splashed… Continue reading

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Nats would know him from Adam

Brian McNally

With their exclusive negotiating rights with first baseman Adam Dunn expiring this weekend, the Nationals need a contingency plan in case they can’t work out a contract with the fr… Continue reading

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The Savage 2010 Season

The Washington Nationals are ending their 2010 season at Nationals Park pretty much the same way they started it: to the sound of vile taunts, the stench of raw flatulence and the drunken, frontrunner applause of hundreds of fans– that were not their own.
The Nationals were ravaged by the Philadelphia Phillies 8-0 last night at [...] Continue reading

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With Team In The Toilet, Kasten Resigns – UPDATED

Nationals President Stan Kasten has resigned says a Tweet from writer Jon Heyman. Kasten, who has been with the team since baseball returned to the District in 2005, was rumored to be thinking about throwing in the towel and such rumors came to a head after an article appeared in the Washington Post from [...] Continue reading

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Nats Break Out The Savoy Special

If you are looking for a blog post this morning that doesn’t mention the movie The Natural, then you have come to the wrong blog because The Natural happens to be one of our favorite baseball movies and the comparisons between it and last night’s 9-3 Nats victory in Florida are just too easy.
And this [...] Continue reading

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Trade Deadline Post Mortem

I am not a GM, nor do I play one on television… so I don’t have (an informed) opinion about how the Nationals did leading up to the trade deadline. Certainly the two trades the Nationals made make a lot of sense, and in terms of Matt Capps for Wilson Ramos, I think it was [...] Continue reading

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(Next) Spring is in the Air…

This isn’t much fun for me.
Back in 2006, when Jim Bowden was shopping around Alfonso Soriano, we watched and waited every day… waiting for news… waiting to hear about the trade that would send our reason to come to the ballpark off to a contender, in exchange for prospects. Soriano smiled and worked hard, swiped [...] Continue reading

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A few words with Stan Kasten

Lets have a little contest. Without doing the research I had to do to compile these stats, tell me which set of statistics belongs to which season – the first eleven games of 2009, or the first eleven games of 2010:

Year A
Year B

Runs Scored

Runs Allowed

Team Batting Average

Team OPS


Team ERA

They seem pretty comparable, don’t they? One set of [...] Continue reading

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I was reading Tom Boswell’s piece in The Post today, and it got me thinking about the Nationals, and their first year in Washington. The return of baseball to Washington had captivated me – as a native Washingtonian and childhood fan of the Senators, I made the trip back to DC for Opening Day – [...] Continue reading

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