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Rally To Restore Any Sense Of Nationals Pride

We were on assignment in DC this past weekend to cover the Jon Stewart “Rally To Restore Sanity” and we figured with there being 215,000+ people, there had to be at least one or two Nats fans in attendance. There were. Here are a couple of photos of some rally cats wearing various Nats merch.
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Quick Thoughts In Route To Pittsburgh

Believe it or not I am writing this in a vehicle in route to Pittsburgh for tonight’s game thanks to a Sprint Smartview card. Wonderful piece of tech. A combination of last night’s game and the amount of potholes we are hitting are making me sick while trying to concentrate on blogging so I am [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: I Heart Morgan Edition

I haven’t had my cup of coffee laced with the bad whiskey this morning, I can hardly find the keyboard and there are a lot of Nationals items to discuss this morning so I’m going to skip the usual unusual story I usually post before this thing and get to the meat and potatoes.
Actually, no, [...] Continue reading

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