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Nats Deal With Killer Bees And Game Killing Pitching In Loss

I was comfortably seated behind home plate in my cozy season ticket seats taking with my new found best friend and baseball fan “The Wiz” when we looked up at the field and suddenly every player shifted towards left field. “What the hell is going on?” asked The Wiz. I couldn’t tell at first. The [...] Continue reading

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Nats One Step Closer To Being World Spring Training Champions

They say victory tastes sweet and if that is true then it has to taste like a glass of ice, cold Harvey’s Orange Juice. That is why I am having one now. A toast! A toast to Washington’s 9-3 victory over the New York Mets in their Spring Training opener. Cheers– Damn that is so [...] Continue reading

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So While The Nats Are Out Playing Golf Right Now…

We can huddle together giggling and whisper things behind their backs. Tee, hee, won’t this be fun? Another day of only the greatest job in the world closes in Viera and as the Nats shower, grab their clubs and drop their balls we’ll rehash the days proceedings for you. Unless something insanely huge breaks or [...] Continue reading

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Sign Of An Underground Natstown Movement

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Nats finding some order

Leon Saffelle

Barring a major trade before spring training starts in roughly five weeks, the addition of first baseman Adam LaRoche is l… Continue reading

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Nyj-torious – UPDATED

Bill Ladson reports that a suspension has finally been handed down to centerfielder Nyjer Morgan for two weeks of weirdness and chaos he was involved in, including a bench clearing “fracas.” That suspension will be eight games which will start this Friday in Philadelphia. That is seven games less from the supposed max penalty he [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Phillies Ite Domum Edition

This blog has been accused of not following its roots. While certainly this is a Washington Nationals blog, I have a couple people wondering where the love for Monty Python is considering part of the name and part of the theme of this blog was taken from a famous Python skit.
Jesus Jiminy Cricket, you people [...] Continue reading

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Nyjer Morgan Looks Like He Is Full Of Anger

Whoa, look out for Nyjer Morgan!
The Nats centerfielder looks full of rage, anger and hate. Especially today when he met Florida Marlins centerfielder Cameron Maybin in centerfield before the game and embraced him as one of his own. Don’t be fooled. That hug = hate. The media says so and you must believe what the [...] Continue reading

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Ramos Pops His ML Batting Cherry In Loss

Vamos Ramos!
Nats catcher Wilson Ramos zoned in on a R.A. Dickey knuckleball and took it yard for a two-run homer that ended up being the only offense the Nats offensive offense could muster in a 3-2 loss to Team Choke East. It was Ramos’ first Major League homerun.
“I wasn’t too excited about the home run, [...] Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts In Route To Pittsburgh

Believe it or not I am writing this in a vehicle in route to Pittsburgh for tonight’s game thanks to a Sprint Smartview card. Wonderful piece of tech. A combination of last night’s game and the amount of potholes we are hitting are making me sick while trying to concentrate on blogging so I am [...] Continue reading

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