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Nyjer Morgan Does Not Like Dry Wall And Gets A Lecture About It

The Washington Nationals are currently playing in Atlanta right now and if they are the curious, young whipper-snappers we all believe them to be then they might have noticed a hole in the dry wall of the Atlanta Visitors Clubhouse. They might be wondering how such a hole got into the wall and why it [...] Continue reading

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Livo Has An Impressive Man Purse Collection

The newest rage in hip-hop music and sports are man-bags because everyone knows how important it is to look cool carrying your jock, guns or vices 20 feet from the parking lot to the arena doors. It seems the hottest man-bag designer right now is custom gator Louis Stewart Bags. Here is a video of [...] Continue reading

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Mr. Venison Leads Nats To Victory

There is nothing better on a Central Virginia morning than reading the box scores while having a cup of coffee and some venison sausage, especially if that venison was harvested from your own land. There is something uber-crazy old school about this particular morning ritual, something very Daniel Boone about it, especially here in Virginia. [...] Continue reading

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The Most Shocking Thing About The Nyjer Thing Is Everyone Seems Shocked

At Space Coast Stadium everyone knows it as “The Pit.” It is a long, concrete box and walkway to the right of the home dugout that is supposed to be used by media and photographers, but never really is. Before and after games you will find an assortment of fans, autograph seekers and memorabilia leeches [...] Continue reading

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Lets Appreciate Nyjer Morgan For A Moment

This could be the very last time the NQ posts a Nyjer Morgan pic in the banner. Bookmark this post. It might be worth something someday. But you know, he deserves it at least for today. He did have a role to play in the Nationals 3-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals last night. [...] Continue reading

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Nyjer Is Going To Get That Tyler Clippard Guy

The Nationals were losing to the Houston Astros this afternoon 3-2 in the inning and I felt the urge to purge so I grabbed a copy of Treasure Island and went to the shithouse where I read a little bit. I’ve read the book already, probably 233 times, but I was just starting out the [...] Continue reading

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Nats Get Cat Scratched By The Kittens

Lord, it was a hot one today. The Space Coast digital thermometer peaked at 76 78 80 degrees and the sun was unmerciful. My skin looks like– gator jerky and feels on fire. It would have all been made worth it if the Nats were as equally unmerciful to the visiting Detroit Tigers, but sadly [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Bryce-Less Nats Monday Workouts

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“Houston– Nats Still Have Problems…”

On a night where MASN was in full broadcast mode, the Potomac Nationals walked onto the field to accept their 2010 Championship Rings, rocket launches were taking place and post-game fireworks were on the schedule, you’d think the Nationals would be ready to make some sparks of their own against the Houston Astros. But no. [...] Continue reading

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The Nats Might Have Lost Ross, But You Are Charlie Sheen In My Book

Today is starter Ross Detwiler’s 25th birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Detwiler, you old coot. I’m sure you are learning that as you advance in your years, you are aging like fine wine. Do you remember when you first came up for the Nats? You barely had a hair on your face and your eyes were [...] Continue reading

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