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Nats Spring Leftovers Part 2

The NQ said goodbye to Florida yesterday and have returned to our damp, cold subterranean in Central Virginia– which kind of sucks. Mold is all over my files, the shackles are rusted and no one fed the crocodiles in the moat so now they are belly up in a stew of swamp and their own [...] Continue reading

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“Houston– Nats Still Have Problems…”

On a night where MASN was in full broadcast mode, the Potomac Nationals walked onto the field to accept their 2010 Championship Rings, rocket launches were taking place and post-game fireworks were on the schedule, you’d think the Nationals would be ready to make some sparks of their own against the Houston Astros. But no. [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Pre-Launch Nats Friday Workout

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Mets Slap The Hand That Murdered Them

At roughly 11am today a rainstorm rolled in through Viera and let Space Coast Stadium have it, but regardless, everyone from fan to player there today kept their spirits above water and were rewarded with a Washington Nationals Space Coast Stadium Opening Game victory over the New York Mets, 5-3. I would rather be in [...] Continue reading

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Long toss: Are you a believer?

This morning’s blog post about Livan Hernandez sparked an interesting debate. Based on statistics, some readers are discouraged by the fact that Hernandez will probably be the opening day starter. Others are charmed by Livo’s “magic.” Adam Kilgore wrot… Continue reading

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Livo’s Facial Pet

So yesterday the NQ went off on pitcher Livan Hernandez and his new facial hair on our Twitter. Player’s facial hair– it is just something we do. Livo’s was interesting to say the least. I really wish we had gotten a picture of it in all its nasty glory because it looked all gnarly and [...] Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts In Route To Pittsburgh

Believe it or not I am writing this in a vehicle in route to Pittsburgh for tonight’s game thanks to a Sprint Smartview card. Wonderful piece of tech. A combination of last night’s game and the amount of potholes we are hitting are making me sick while trying to concentrate on blogging so I am [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Nat Scratch Fever Edition

After the Nats Friday From Hell where they both lost Stephen Strasburg and the game, the mood in the NQ was a bit down and sour. To remedy this, I put the staff and myself on a strict diet of red meat and Ted Nugent. We spent the weekend listening to nothing, but Ted Nugent [...] Continue reading

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