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The Sunday Paper Will Be A Little More Hairy This Week

If you haven’t seen it yet or heard, there is a Jayson Werth poster that is going to be inserted into the Washington Post Sunday paper tomorrow (Sunday). Here is it is. I’ve searched for signs this is Werth with a photoshopped Nats jersey on, much like his Topps card, but no such luck. It [...] Continue reading

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Zimmermanpolooza Begins

You’ll never guess who is back. Never. You could take a million years and come up with a gazillion different answers, but you still would never get it. I would recommend not even trying because you’ll never guess. Quit now while you are ahead. Don’t waste your breath. No, don’t even make a dicky-bird. You [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: SPOOOCK! Edition

You remember the most recent Star Trek movie? Eric Bana plays the villain, a Romulan miner gone absolutely apeshit and there is this scene where he goes nuts and starts screaming, “SPOCK!”? For absolutely no reason at all except for the fact recent news in Natstown might make you go equally as batty and shout [...] Continue reading

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The Anniversary Of “The Debut”

Today marks the anniversary of the Stephen Strasburg debut. It is without a doubt in my mind the single greatest game in Nationals history thus far and anyone who disagrees can certainly step up to the plate, say another game and state a case, but– no. No other game united the organization and the fans, [...] Continue reading

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His Beard Hurts

I feel so out of the loop. Having a real job and doing real work actually really sucks– if you consider coyote chasing a real job and real work. It seems every time I feel I get caught up on the Nats I am suddenly buried in oodles of information and news that is being [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Mugshots, Millionaires And More Edition

I would like to proudly announce that the lovely Miss Natpenny and I are expecting our second little Nats fan this October. I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am. This news means three things: My seed is awesome. (Sorry ladies, you missed out.) The Nationals Inquisition now has potentially two who can [...] Continue reading

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We Can’t Be Serious About This Teddy Thing. Ever.

Seriously, Natstown. I’m out in the hot, stinking wilderness hunting coyote with a pinky-up tea sipper named Rumplefoot, I finally get an Internet signal and what am I subjected to? A growing concern about the lack of wins– for Teddy the Living Bobblehead president. It seems this all roots from those cryptic comments by Jayson [...] Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When The Nuts Run The Nat House

It has been a pretty tough month for Nationals GM Mike Rizzo. First his Grandfather passed away on May 15th to which the NQ offers our condolences. Then the baseball team he made out of clay and bubble gum stopped hitting. This was followed by him going after some hack job New York umpires who [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Letter to Shackleford Edition

Dear Shackleford, I know it has been a couple days since the Kentucky Derby and your fourth place finish and you probably don’t want to relive and remember the last 50 feet to the finish line that ultimately defined your run, but I have to get this letter off my chest. Ever since the authorities [...] Continue reading

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Mothers Day Gives Nats Excuse To Look Like Cotton Candy

Okay, I get it. I do. It is Mother’s Day (and a happy one to you, your mother and mothers everywhere) and I understand we need more awareness for multi-million dollar causes like breast cancer, we should save the ta-tas and never abuse women– but really. Do our baseball teams really need to drape themselves [...] Continue reading

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