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Hopefully The Nats Will Be Champs Of The Off Season

If you would have told me a few months ago that Justin Maxwell would score the banner pic for the final game of the 2010 season, I would have found you nuts. I would have put my money on Stephen Strasburg, Ryan Zimmerman and maybe even Adam Dunn. But nope. It is outfielder Justin Maxwell.
And [...] Continue reading

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The Natful Dead

Sup, Citizens of Natstown. DangerNat here, back on the NQ. I have been battling that first season cold the past couple days and I am finally getting over it. I am not saying I am 100%, but I am getting close to it. So I plan on in the next few days getting on that [...] Continue reading

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Good News, Nats Can’t Lose in Nats Park In 2010 Again

It is true. They can’t. BECAUSE THIS HOUSE IS CLOSED!
For the rest of 2010 anyways. The Nationals home campaign came to an end last night as they were completely butt invaded by the Philadelphia Phillies 7-1. Starting pitcher Ross Detwiler gave up four homeruns (two were back-to-back in the first inning) and the only offense [...] Continue reading

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The Savage 2010 Season

The Washington Nationals are ending their 2010 season at Nationals Park pretty much the same way they started it: to the sound of vile taunts, the stench of raw flatulence and the drunken, frontrunner applause of hundreds of fans– that were not their own.
The Nationals were ravaged by the Philadelphia Phillies 8-0 last night at [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Large Marge Sent You Edition

This blog and the Nationals share a sort of symbiotic relationship. Sort of. Like when the Nationals are relevant, as rare as that is, this blog tends to see a spike in readership and the material tends to be on the high end of the quality spectrum. On the flip side of the coin, when [...] Continue reading

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I Thought The Nats Were Through Making Excuses

Brandon Flowers was on  sports talk radio yesterday, a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and a whole other sport we aren’t concerned with in these parts, but that doesn’t matter because what he said is pretty much sports universal, especially one quote in particular:
“Fans don’t want to hear you talk about winning, they want [...] Continue reading

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Don’t Drunk Dial 911 On Storen Yet

First things first, the NQ was not around this weekend for the ONE, TWO, THREE knockout the Phillies landed on the Nationals because we were at a wedding. Natty Galore, one of our Washington informants finally tied the knot. Many a single young boy went limp the moment she said “Oh, ok. I do. [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Phillies Ite Domum Edition

This blog has been accused of not following its roots. While certainly this is a Washington Nationals blog, I have a couple people wondering where the love for Monty Python is considering part of the name and part of the theme of this blog was taken from a famous Python skit.
Jesus Jiminy Cricket, you people [...] Continue reading

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Sometimes This Team Makes Me Balk All Over Myself

This past Sunday the NQ for the first time got in line for one of the the Nationals “Signature Sundays” where they post players in certain sections and give fans the opportunity to score photos and autographs. Don’t look at me like that. I might be a blogger, but am still a 12-year old fan [...] Continue reading

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Nyjer Morgan Looks Like He Is Full Of Anger

Whoa, look out for Nyjer Morgan!
The Nats centerfielder looks full of rage, anger and hate. Especially today when he met Florida Marlins centerfielder Cameron Maybin in centerfield before the game and embraced him as one of his own. Don’t be fooled. That hug = hate. The media says so and you must believe what the [...] Continue reading

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