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Beyond the Bottom Line

In my real life, I own a tour company. I spend a lot of time and effort creating tours for my customers that make for a positive experience from beginning to end. I can’t do anything about rain, or what the wildlife does, but I can make sure that all of the things that are [...] Continue reading

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Mining Entertainment From the End of the Season

The Phillies magic number is one.
Not that I care about the Phillies winning the division – actually, I care about the Phillies NOT winning the division – but here is a way that Nationals fans can glean a little satisfaction from the last six games.

The Nationals have to sweep the Phillies. Sounds like a tall [...] Continue reading

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(Next) Spring is in the Air…

This isn’t much fun for me.
Back in 2006, when Jim Bowden was shopping around Alfonso Soriano, we watched and waited every day… waiting for news… waiting to hear about the trade that would send our reason to come to the ballpark off to a contender, in exchange for prospects. Soriano smiled and worked hard, swiped [...] Continue reading

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This Time Was Different

Years ago when I visited Yankee Stadium for the first time, I quickly realized that there was something different about that crowd. We exited the train onto the street and there was a hum and excitement that you could actually feel. It brought to min… Continue reading

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Can They Fill the Vacuum?

In disappointment, there is often opportunity.
In this case, the disappointment is the Capitals premature exit from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Caps fans and Nationals fans have a lot in common, and I think that you can assume that the Natosphere and the Capsosphere have been of one mind as of late.
I think most people thought [...] Continue reading

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I have been in a daze since I got home from the ballpark on Monday evening.
My family and friends all asked me how Opening Day was, and my universal answer was “horrible”.
I have been a Nationals fan (and a Senators fan before that) long enough to know that 11-1 losses happen. It is part of [...] Continue reading

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Damn you, Jim Bowden.
Back in 2007, when Bowden traded for Elijah Dukes, the fans of the [Devil] Rays couldn’t have been happier to get anything in trade (in this case, Glenn Gibson) for Dukes. Tampa Bay fans, and the Rays organization had given up on him. Nationals fans, while wary, were willing to give Dukes [...] Continue reading

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Remembering A Friend

I was a nineteen year-old kid back in 1980 when I took a job with WRC-TV in Washington. I worked in Local News for Bob Ryan, the meteorologist. Weather was all I thought about when I was a kid, and working in weather at a television station was my life goal.
Many nights I would stay [...] Continue reading

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Half a Loaf (plus some notes)

My love for baseball was formed when I was about eight or nine years old. I had a first baseman’s mitt (any idea how hard it was to find a first baseman’s mitt for your left hand in 1968?) and a bat, and baseball was pretty much all I did as a kid. And while [...] Continue reading

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I was reading Tom Boswell’s piece in The Post today, and it got me thinking about the Nationals, and their first year in Washington. The return of baseball to Washington had captivated me – as a native Washingtonian and childhood fan of the Senators, I made the trip back to DC for Opening Day – [...] Continue reading

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