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Nats Postgame – 8-3 loss to Orioles

Orioles 8, Nats 3

Maybe momentum really is as good as the next day’s starting pitcher. For the Nationals, the glory of Friday night’s 17-run offensive explosion against the Orioles gave way to a back-to-reality 8-3 loss at Camden Yards on Saturday… Continue reading

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The Nationals Got A Good One In Before The World Ended At Least

Good morning from the Virginia wilderness. We are about to head out into the woods, but Lord Rumplefoot is finishing off his breakfast of Impala steaks and ostrich eggs. His loyal servant Chonsey is shoveling it to him. This gives me a little time to get some blogging done. So how bout that game last [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: The Love Edition

Dear Darling Scarlett,
Oh yes, Scarlett, my darling. Finally! Oh, yes, yes, yes, ooooooooo, oh, oh, yes. I heard the news and I am sorry, but you can do better than the Green Lantern. Don’t worry. Oh, oh God, yes, yes…. *sizzle*…. yes, he was a dick an and annoying actor. But you are loved, Scarlett, [...] Continue reading

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Nats turn focus to their bench

Brian McNally

The Phillies have signed Cliff Lee and Stephen Strasburg isn’t pitching until September at best so any thought of contendi… Continue reading

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