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Well, okay, as long as it’s Texas. Twins-Nats-Rangers. In one sense Cristian Guzman has spent his entire career playing baseball for Washington. You have to admire the symmetry.Farewell to GUZMANIA!, the longest tenured player in Washington Nationals … Continue reading

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Shows What I Know

“[W]e ain’t getting Wilson Ramos for Capps…” – July 28, 2010Yeah, about that… I’m a dumbass. The formal announcement is still pending, but Woo Hoo!Here’s a little background on Wilson Ramos, courtesy of Baseball America. Aaron Gleeman, who knows T… Continue reading

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Strasburgeddon and Other Catchy Headlines

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, but it seems to me that a precautionary MRI is not something a pitcher gets because he has “trouble getting loose in the bullpen”. It might, however, be the kind of thing a pitcher gets when he “may be fav… Continue reading

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Irreplaceable: The Perpetual Rebuild

The Nationals aren’t going to compete for anything in 2010. After outscoring the Marlins and still dropping the series, there’s enough accumulated evidence to assess this team’s talent level. The offense is mediocre and erratic, the bullpen is a relati… Continue reading

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