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Hope I’m not in some Sixth Sense world

PSA: Please look over your shoulder before changing lanes, particularly in congested fast-moving traffic! Also (and this applies to me as well), take the 2-second following rule seriously. I still honestly have no idea how this wasn’t worse yesterday and am thankful to be alive. Let’s just say Jeep Wranglers may be built for ruggedness [...] Continue reading

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My season of thanks and looking to this season

I did it. Last year for the 2010 season I had the opportunity to freelance for Comcast SportsNet (CSN Washington) as a credentialed media (blogger) member in an MLB press box. Not any MLB press box, but the shiny newish one atop Nationals Park covering… Continue reading

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To Break A Camera

You know that joking phrase, “XX is so ugly, they’ll break your camera if you take a picture of them”? Well, I couldn’t wait to get through my photo card to find out who the last person I took a photo of was before my camera beg… Continue reading

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Beyond Not Liking Baseball

I know I’ve been rather quiet lately. It takes gobs of passion and energy to regularly follow and write about a team, traits I normally possess in abundance, but both had been slowly sapped and it had nothing to do with the Nats not re-signing Ad… Continue reading

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Daily Show Tips

Jon Stewart nearly caused my bladder and my funny bone to burst all at the same time. I wish I had the advantage of someone else going to a Daily Show taping in DC before me so I could learn from their experience, but instead you get to learn from mine… Continue reading

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Hello, Jon Stewart!

Ok, well hopefully that will happen a couple hours from now. I scored two tickets to today’s Daily Show taping and am scooting out of work shortly. While this has nothing to do with the Nationals, I thought it was semi-relevant since back when I … Continue reading

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