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Perhaps One Of The Greatest Headlines For A Former Nat Ever

That is one thing I did not know about Joey Eischen, former reliever for the Nats back in the storied 2005 season. I never knew he put on women’s clothing and hung around in bars, but if he is a lumberjack then is is okay. He also got promoted in the Colorado organization. Congrats, Madman.
Of [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: The Defrosting Edition

We are finally back in NQ Headquarters after a long holiday. I wish I could say I come back vibrant and refreshed, but that never seems to be the case these days when it comes to holidays. It all seems to be a bunch of running around and draining yourself physically, emotionally and financially. I [...] Continue reading

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I Guess We Can’t Make Wang/Penis Jokes Anymore

I am not totally sure, but I think you can say the word “penis” on the Internet. I think that is allowed. I’ll get my lawyers working on it. In the meantime, more Nationals news specifically about “Nationals pitcher” Chien-Ming Wang, Wil Nieves, Jesus Flores and more. Nationals Press Release:
The Washington Nationals today agreed to [...] Continue reading

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Adam Dunn Is Now Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago

I think I deserve 10 points for the Ferris Bueller reference in the headline. Maybe 15, I don’t know, like Rocky is to Philadelphia, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is the only good thing to come out of Chicago.
I am late to this party so if for some reason you don’t already know: free agent Adam [...] Continue reading

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Joe Bisenius Will No Longer Steal Souls With His Eyes

Jesus Christ! Every time I look at a photo of Nats reliever Joe Bisenius I get the shakes. Those eyes– you just feel like your soul is getting sucked into their icy, cold vortexes. Wait, back up. What I should have said is “former” Nationals reliever because Joe Bisenius is no longer with the Washington [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Rainy Day Edition

I’m looking out the NQ periscope and I see this strange, wet, transparent crap littering the ground. I think it is coming from the sky. Jesus, it looks cold out there. I don’t look forward to walking from headquarters to my limo waiting outside, but fortunately I am wearing my blaze orange hunting jumpsuit. Actually [...] Continue reading

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Colby Lewis Is One Classy Jackass

So here is a question: what do you do when your about to take the mound in one of the biggest games of your career, a career that has taken you across the MLB Universe and parts-unknown Japan and after having a complete career resurrection?
Answer: Count your blessings and enjoy it.
The Colby Lewis answer: crap [...] Continue reading

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Bye-Bye Bergmann And Nationals Pipe Dreams

Nats beat writer Bill Ladson reported on his Twitter Feed that Nats reliever Jason Bergmann has been granted free agency. I am considering tweeting him back and asking him, “Like that tree that falls in the woods when no one is around, does anyone really care?”
Bergmann made a career based off of one year– mainly [...] Continue reading

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