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Nats Spring Leftovers Part 3

The last game of Spring Training is equally both exciting and annoying. It is exciting because usually the last game involves majority if not all of your team’s starting line-up so you get a sneak-peek at the product that has taken almost 30 days to build. It is annoying because there is a feeling of [...] Continue reading

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Nats Spring Leftovers Part 2

The NQ said goodbye to Florida yesterday and have returned to our damp, cold subterranean in Central Virginia– which kind of sucks. Mold is all over my files, the shackles are rusted and no one fed the crocodiles in the moat so now they are belly up in a stew of swamp and their own [...] Continue reading

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The Last Day Of Spring

Last night was particularly hard. It was spent in Room 209 of the Cocoa Econo Lodge drinking Moosehead and staring out the window at the falling rain, passing cars and the occasional train on the tracks. It was a night where the Cartoon Network couldn’t really cheer me up and trashing the hotel room added [...] Continue reading

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Nats Leave Morse Hanging In Loss

My apologies for the late postings tonight. Some developments in my camping situation has come up and I had to make some drastic environment changes. Mainly, I have abandoned paradise at Manatee Hammock for– the Econo Lodge on Route 1. The weather report is saying there is an 80% chance that God gets majorly pissed [...] Continue reading

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Surprisingly, Something Good Has Actually Come Out Of Philly

This t-shirt. The NQ was strolling the concourse before the game today and this chick walks by with this actually kind of cool looking shirt. She allowed us to take a picture and didn’t freak out about it. When asked where she got it all she said was, “Philadelphia.” Shocking. Gotta give Philly props for [...] Continue reading

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Oh Look, There Is Oliver Perez at Nats Minors Camp

Yep, after two days of searching we found him. He apparently was in Minors Camp yesterday working with Spin Williams, but that was by word-of-mouth. We believe it, but words can do only so much. Photos speak a million words and cause nightmares so we figure there is a good portion of Natstown not going [...] Continue reading

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The Most Shocking Thing About The Nyjer Thing Is Everyone Seems Shocked

At Space Coast Stadium everyone knows it as “The Pit.” It is a long, concrete box and walkway to the right of the home dugout that is supposed to be used by media and photographers, but never really is. Before and after games you will find an assortment of fans, autograph seekers and memorabilia leeches [...] Continue reading

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Lets Appreciate Nyjer Morgan For A Moment

This could be the very last time the NQ posts a Nyjer Morgan pic in the banner. Bookmark this post. It might be worth something someday. But you know, he deserves it at least for today. He did have a role to play in the Nationals 3-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals last night. [...] Continue reading

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Photos From Your Hot And Stick’em Nats Friday Workout

Continue reading

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Canadian French Cooking At Nats Minors Camp

Yesterday the NQ rolled into Minors Camp a little later in the day, at the hottest point of the day, and boy that Viera sun was relentless. There is little to no shade even over on the Minors side except from a few palm trees and the watch tower in the middle of the cloverleaf [...] Continue reading

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