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2011 Opening Day: Braves at Nationals

Opening Day has finally come to Nationals Park.

However, spring-like temps are not in the forecast as overcast skies are surrounding the nation’s capital and the current 41 degree temperature feels more like 36 degrees with the low, but steady winds.
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Top 5: Pitching staffs in MLB history

Kevin Dunleavy

The 2011 Phillies’ rotation of Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels might have the stuff to rank with the best of all time. What will it take? Here are the standard… Continue reading

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Mining Entertainment From the End of the Season

The Phillies magic number is one.
Not that I care about the Phillies winning the division – actually, I care about the Phillies NOT winning the division – but here is a way that Nationals fans can glean a little satisfaction from the last six games.

The Nationals have to sweep the Phillies. Sounds like a tall [...] Continue reading

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