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Forgive Me, Nats For I Have Jinxed

It is my duty this morning to beg forgiveness from you, loyal readers of the NQ, from the Washington Nationals, from all of Natstown and especially,  starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann. Forgive me, for I have committed the most heinous of baseball sins: the jinx. I take full responsibility for the Nationals 4-0 loss to the [...] Continue reading

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My Nats Losing To Philly Night Was Better Than Your Nats Losing To Philly Night

You might be asking yourself, how can this be? Any night the Washington Nationals lose to the Philadelphia Phillies is usually considered a bad night, especially when the Nats are completely locked down by a pitcher like (the Nats ain’t his huckleberry…) Roy “Doc” Halladay. Nights where the Nats offense can’t figure out what end [...] Continue reading

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Nats Spring Training Line-Up Beats NL East Leading Horde

If you were curious at what Nationals right fielder Jayson Werth did with his first at-bat against his former team last night, the NQ preserved it for your viewing pleasure in the visually mind-blowing new Gameday format. Truly, my mind is stimulated every time I use Gameday now. It is like the synapses in my [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Remembering The Rough Rider Edition

I thought today was going to be a good day. I was ready to jump on the blog and blog Nats, today is my first day on the job at SBNationDC and will have my first article drop sometime this morning and last night I had a Q&A session with a Philadelphia Phillies blog called [...] Continue reading

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Nats Soil R.A.’s Dickey And Mets Home Opener

There used to be this excellent animated show on Comedy Central called The Critic. In my mind it was the prototype for true edgy animated TV comedies like Family Guy and American Dad. In one episode there was a particular scene where these kids started beating the crap out of this poor, proper, tea cozy [...] Continue reading

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Mr. Venison Leads Nats To Victory

There is nothing better on a Central Virginia morning than reading the box scores while having a cup of coffee and some venison sausage, especially if that venison was harvested from your own land. There is something uber-crazy old school about this particular morning ritual, something very Daniel Boone about it, especially here in Virginia. [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: The Spider Crickets Edition

I’m not a fan of spider crickets. They are absolutely horrid, disgusting creatures much like leeches and ticks, but more devilish because they actually show signs of intelligence and aggression. They move when you try to squash them and they will actually turn around and jump on you like they are trying to attack you. [...] Continue reading

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Old Dog Line-Up Doesn’t Teach New Tricks

The Nationals left budding young stars Ian Desmond and Danny Espinosa out of the starting line-up yesterday and instead went with what the NQ labeled “The Mentor Line-Up.” Jerry Hairston Jr. and Alex Cora, veterans of the league, were inserted instead and with grizzled Jason Marquis on the mound, The $126 Million Dollar Man in [...] Continue reading

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It’s Too Early In The Season To Massage Nats Corns And Toe Jam

This past weekend was absolutely pleasant. The NQ was feeling a little burned out after camping for 18-games of Spring Training in Florida and then shooting up the right coast to attend one Opening Day game in D.C. so we did what anyone would do to relax– we went camping. Again. We spent two days [...] Continue reading

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Welcome John Lannon To The Nats

I am getting the overall impression the Nationals are going to be a little more gung-ho this season trying to sell themselves as this epically, terrific, energetic, defensive mega-monster even though the results might not show it and half the time it makes no sense, but you know, good for them. They should. They need [...] Continue reading

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