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Your Nationals Dispatch: Natserpiece Theater Edition

Come here, I want to talk to you. Come in, come in. Sit down. Pull up a chair. No, not the leather one made of the skin from one of the very first NQ staff members. No, not that one either– confound it let me just get one of my staff to get a stool [...] Continue reading

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His Indian Name Is “Guy Who Throws Smoke And Is Named Cole”

Reports coming down the wire are saying the Nationals have designated reliever Brian Broderick for assignment while recalling right-handed reliever Cole Kimball from the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs. Broderick, a Rule 5 guy from the St. Louis Cardinals  never seemed comfortable in a long relief role and the Nats have 10 days to trade, release or [...] Continue reading

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The Nationals Were Like a 1970′s Exploitation Film

The midweek series between the Washington Nationals and the Philadelphia Phillies was pretty brutal to watch. It was like watching an exploitation film where women are sadistically abused, animals are raped and blood pours constantly from every orifice on the human body. If you have no idea what I mean then let me point you [...] Continue reading

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We Are Almost Sure Doug Slaten Just Walked Into Nats Camp One Day

Plenty went wrong in Washington’s 4-1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies Tuesday night, but I am going to single in on a reoccurring problem that has been happening over the course of the season so far. Actually, it isn’t a problem. It is more like black magic. Do you remember that scene in the movie [...] Continue reading

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Nats Slap Around World Champs, Feel Good About Themselves

Like big bullies, the Washington Nationals swooped in and defeated the defending World Champion San Francisco Giants 2-0 on Monday night amidst a backdrop of patriotism and nationalism on Military Appreciation Night at Nationals Park with no regard to how fragile the World Champs could be. The Nationals wore their new “patriotic” alternative uniforms that [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: America Has Mysterious Swagger Today Edition

Well, today is certainly a day of days. After finally getting over a cold and taking this weekend off to relax and rejuvenate, the NQ is finally back online on Monday. I knew it was going to be a big deal, but I didn’t know how big until I turned on the TV this morning [...] Continue reading

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Pudge Might Be A Little Too In Awe

Nationals catcher Wilson “Rhino” Ramos smashed two home runs in the Nationals 6-4 loss to the New York Mets last night. It was the first multi-homer game of Ramos’ career and the first multi-homer game for a National since Danny Espinosa did it in September 2010. It is rare that such a power display is [...] Continue reading

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I’m Sure The Phones Are Going Off The Hook At MASN

The most electrifying day in sports blogging history took place today when the Nationals Inquisition and MASN baseball guy Phil Wood took up space on to talk about birthdays and marriages. Early returns say has never gotten so much traffic before and they had to fix the flux capacitor and hit the switch [...] Continue reading

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Fear And Nats Blogging In The DMV

Dear God. It has happened. They’ve found me. It has been a wild 48 hours for the NQ. I’ve been living in a state of absolute paranoia which is why updates on the blog have been scatter brained at best lately. Sweet Jesus, I can’t believe it. I looked out my window a couple of [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: The Many Faces Of Gorzo The Gorgon Edition

I know I’ve said it about 100 times already, but for the sake of this post I am going to say it again: Tom Gorzelanny sounds like  a walking monster movie. Specifically a Kaiju from a Toho production. His nickname, Gorzo doesn’t help change that perception nor does his “homely look.” Plenty has been said [...] Continue reading

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