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Quick Thoughts About Nats Fan Fest and Opening Day

Let’s address the weather issue first and foremost.
The weather is supposed to be crappy.  Drizzle all night, showers in the morning, 40 percent chance of rain at 1:05 pm, rising to 60 percent at 4:00 pm and 80 percent by 6:00 pm.  High temp of 44 degrees.  Yuck.
When speaking with reporters earlier today, Nats principal owner Mark Lerner said they would do everything they could to get the game Continue reading

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GAME 157 REVIEW: A Tale of Two Franchises

"That’s the reason you want to come to a team like this. They know how to do it," — Phillies starter Roy Halladay

"Kind of embarrassing when everyone in the stadium is clapping against you and you’re at home," Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond.

Phillies fans — as far as the eye can see — revel in division title at Nationals Park.
(Photo by C. Nichols/Nats News Network)
Monday night at Continue reading

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Thank You for Visiting Nats News Network

I know that it’s usually customary to thank your readership when the season is actually over, and I’ll do it again at that time too, I’m sure.  But since this is the last weekend homestand I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You, to every single person that has read Nats News Network and Off the Field this season.
Despite all the losses, and the long hours Cheryl and I put into this, we’ve had Continue reading


Shake That Natty-Taffy, Ladies

Few things were exciting to watch during today’s Nationals 4-1 loss to the Florida Fish, but I guess if you really want to, you can count this.
Apparently a couple of chicks from the ABC show ‘The Bachelor’ were in attendance. They sat behind homeplate and occasionally morphed into eye candy as they enthusiastically and spastically [...] Continue reading

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