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Down on the Farm

The acquisition of Tom Gorzelanny does not make me tingle in my special places. (In case you were curious, my special places are Charlottesville, Edinburgh, and Montego Bay.) He’s youngish and left-handed, which can be accounted pluses, but also wildl… Continue reading

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“I WANT to believe the problem is with the pitching, not the hitting. But by league rank, it’s the opposite.” – Chris Needham, Capitol Punishment, 6/15/10The Washington Nationals offense is like a good-for-nothing ex-spouse, or a cheap bra. It offer… Continue reading

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File Under Better Late Than Never

To make room for the return of Mike Morse the Nats are designating 5th OF/pinch runner (and inexplicable occasional starting right fielder) Willy Taveras for assignment. Taveras is such a typical Jim Bowden-type player that I’m surprised Rizzo didn’t … Continue reading

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