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Pay to Win

It doesn’t get much easier to understand than this, courtesy of the NY Times:Vertical axis: Wins. Horizontal axis: Payroll. Notice any correlation? Yes, there are exceptions to every rule (sweet, holy giraffe the Mets suck!) but the trend line is unmis… Continue reading

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It’s The Lerners’ Team Now.

Sell the StanSpeak translator for scrap; Kasten is headed for the door. Boswell’s oddly well-timed column has some background that will provide copious fodder for the recently diminished ranks of the “Teh Lerners are Cheep!!1!” movement. Chris Needham … Continue reading

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Nats 2011 Slogan Suggestion: It Could Always Be Worse

Now this is how a mature fanbase handles an extended period of failure and incompetence:Somebody get Bob Boone on the phone. He’s got work to do. Continue reading

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The Time Has Come

I’m a fairly lazy custodian of our “Nat(m)osphere” sidebar. I tend to stick with what I know and what I like. Hey, it’s our sidebar. And, as previously noted, I’m a lousy housekeeper. What that means in practice is that I’m slow to update when new blog… Continue reading

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Batting Practice Video

And now, for something completely different, Nationals players hitting baseballs with bats. Could have used some of that Friday and Saturday.Also, MissChatter is now up with her typical incomperable photojournalism. (Warning: Do not look directly at th… Continue reading

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Nationals "Blogger Day" Take Two

Saturday afternoon was the Nationals second Blogger Day of the 2010 season. This time Dave and I were set loose on Nationals Park with video camera in hand. Chad Kurz, Manager of New Media and the Nationals public relations staff provided us with acc… Continue reading

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Off-Day Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

The NTP crew can’t watch baseball every night, even with MLB Network and three channels of ESPN. Sometimes we need a break. Some of those times we catch a movie. One of those times, the movie was Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.Matt:Given the rise in pop… Continue reading

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Seafood just does not agree with the Nationals. Pick your poison. Last night, a 1-0 10-inning loss capping a pitching duel. Tonight, a 16-10 slugfest featuring only slightly more hits than hit batters. Either way, the Marlins remain the team the Nats j… Continue reading

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It Is Finished

Photo by AP Continue reading

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And on the Eighth Day, God Created the Mute Button

I make a concerted effort to ignore everything Rob Dibble says, so I’m reluctant to make an exception for his latest gaffes, but:1. If you listen to Rob Dibble for any length of time you have no reason to be surprised when idiotic things come out of hi… Continue reading

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