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Drew Storen > Aaron Crow

Erstwhile never-quite-a-Nat Aaron Crow was just named Kansas City’s pitcher of the month for April. The lefty reliever worked 12 1/3 scoreless innings, striking out 11 and stranding all 10 runners he inherited. That’s nice work for a setup man, no doub… Continue reading

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Not Dead Yet

Whew, this once a month posting schedule is punishing. Much like watching Chad Gaudin pitch. Which we won’t have to do for at least two weeks. Apparently the enormous sucking force generated by his 6.48 ERA placed an insupportable strain on his shoulde… Continue reading

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Beyond Baseball

WaPo’s Barry Svrluga was the chronicler of baseball’s return to Washington, D.C. in 2005, so it’s only fitting that he authored this heart-breaking, inspiring story of Chad Cordero’s most recent return to the game following the sudden death of his infa… Continue reading

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Spring Training in Photos

Clearly we’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus here at NTP, but some things just can’t pass unremarked. This is either a training exercise or a particularly unsavory clause in Jayson Werth’s $126M contract:Shots like that are why Mark Zuckerman gets … Continue reading

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Not Quite Good to the Last Drop

Look, when the Nationals DFA Justin Maxwell to make room for Todd Coffey you’re going to get puns. Deal with it. There was a time when I thought Justin could be another homegrown draw for a franchise that desperately needs to forge connections to its c… Continue reading

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Down on the Farm

The acquisition of Tom Gorzelanny does not make me tingle in my special places. (In case you were curious, my special places are Charlottesville, Edinburgh, and Montego Bay.) He’s youngish and left-handed, which can be accounted pluses, but also wildl… Continue reading

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The Digging and Filling of Holes

Zack Greinke wasn’t coming to Washington, D.C. unless Boston’s lineup and Philly’s rotation agreed to come with him. That simple, seemingly indisputable fact renders all the digital ink spilled on the subject moot. And yet…It’s one thing to be spur… Continue reading

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On Rizzo & Responsibility

Let’s get this out of the way first: I firmly believe that Jayson Werth’s 7-year, $126M contract is a bad deal for the Washington Nationals. It is an overpay both in dollars and in years, and Werth would need to defy both physics and history to come c… Continue reading

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This is a Job for WikiLeaks

As soon as Julian Assange is done wasting his time with the military, the diplomatic corps and the financial sector, he’s got serious work to do. I want to know what the hell goes on in the front offices of the Washington Nationals. I want a raft of … Continue reading

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Adam Dunn’s Red Flag?

If Adam Dunn never plays another home game in Washington, his career at Nationals Park ended on a particularly ignominious note: 0-4, 4Ks. The golden sombrero. Of course, he didn’t get cheated on any of those swings, so it’s not hard to believe than Ad… Continue reading

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