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At Bat Music

During yesterday’s Q&A session, Charlie Slowes had some interesting news about the future of players’ at bat music. Initially, the question was, “What are you going to do without Wil Nieves?” in regards to the dancing in the booth by the radio duo during Nieves’ at bats. I had been wondering the same (but cut [...] Continue reading

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03-30-11 NatsFest Photos

Brrrr! Numb hands and cold rain and wind ruled Opening Day Eve as the Nationals held NatsFest. How’d that delaying, leaving fans to a cold cruel baseball-less winter in order to hold it during better weather work out? I’d say not too well, but who cares because opening day is tomorrow, right? Not that the [...] Continue reading

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Ballpark Food!

Ahhh, remember when the Nats held media tasting day before the season opened in order to unveil the mouth-watering food “concepts” (what?) such as the ‘Crab Louie‘ (shown above) and gave tours of the food stands? Yeah, not so much this year, despite upcoming sweeping changes in the concessions available at Nationals Park. Opening day [...] Continue reading

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My season of thanks and looking to this season

I did it. Last year for the 2010 season I had the opportunity to freelance for Comcast SportsNet (CSN Washington) as a credentialed media (blogger) member in an MLB press box. Not any MLB press box, but the shiny newish one atop Nationals Park covering… Continue reading

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2011 Baseball On The Barn Schedule

Like Rockland’s BBQ? Like watching games outside with friends or at least friendly strangers who love baseball? How about watching it on the broadside of a barn drive-in theater style? Come on out to BBotB this year! Maybe this year’s big t… Continue reading

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It all begins this week!

Are you excited? It may be literally freezing cold out right now, but the calendar says it’s spring and NatsFest and Opening Day are right around the corner. Days away, even! I’m not going to copy and paste the entire NatsFest schedule and … Continue reading

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Brand Loyalty

I’m not the most frugal shopper, being very brand-loyal and too busy/lazy (pick one) to do the coupon thing. I like what I like and I’ll pay for it and use it is my theory. Kraft Mac n Cheese? Yep, love it. Go through the 5-box packs like m… Continue reading

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Florida Women Like To Shoot Things?

Don’t get me wrong… I love Florida dearly. I lived here for ten years before moving to the DC area and it took me a long time to stop dreaming of moving back to the beaches and laid back atmosphere I loved so much. It’s part of the jo… Continue reading

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The Great Beer Investigation

I couldn’t drink two beers (or more) during an afternoon game since I had to drive afterwards, so I enlisted a test subject to drink the other beer (who also paid, so even better!). (Thanks again, C!) We wandered the concourse after Marquis was d… Continue reading

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To Break A Camera

You know that joking phrase, “XX is so ugly, they’ll break your camera if you take a picture of them”? Well, I couldn’t wait to get through my photo card to find out who the last person I took a photo of was before my camera beg… Continue reading

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