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I didn’t get Rob Dibble fired

Not that I ever really thought I did. I mean, seriously? A blogger getting a big nasty former-pitcher-turned-broadcaster fired over his own inane remarks?! Ridiculoso! So those of you who were angry with me can redirect your midguided vitriol at Strasburg’s dad. Or put it where it belongs, like the shoe store that ended up [...] Continue reading

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Pondering trash

No, I’m not talking about the Nats! With the federal government shutdown potentially looming and DC also cutting services such as trash collection during the shutdown, I began wondering odd things I’d never thought before, particularly with the Nationals returning next week for the 2nd home stand of the season. 1. What do stadiums do [...] Continue reading

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You Can’t Judge A Season By One Series

But what about two with the Marlins series starting tonight? I kid, I kid! I have nothing much to say about Sunday’s series finale loss at the brutal choking hands of the Braves. The notes in my scoresheet read simply: Bad bad D! Bad bullpen. Yep, that about sums it up. I’m sure most of [...] Continue reading

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Bob Carpenter’s new wing man

Welcome to FP Santangelo, Bob Carpenter’s new partner this season in the broadcast booth. Yesterday was the first game that counts I watched with the new pairing. I did catch a couple spring training games on tv as well. I like the guy so far, but I have one request. That’s some good old fashioned [...] Continue reading

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He can pitch! He can field!

Photo: Sean Burnett from Thursday’s opener So was that game yesterday exciting or what?! That’s the kind of game that is so fun to watch. It had everything from home runs to a successful suicide squeeze to hail to a suspenseful win! But I’m here to rave more about Sean Burnett. I think I’m in [...] Continue reading

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MLB and Nats Aid Japan

Many of us have watched with horror and a feeling of helplessness the tragic events that unfolded in Japan after an earthquake hit in early March. Beyond the initial earthquake, the domino effect of the following tsunami and damaged nuclear reactor plague the country still. Entire cities (and communities) were wiped out, food and gas [...] Continue reading

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The New Guys and Old Guys

Since there are still a few hours before the Nats’ second game of the season, I can squeeze one more post out of opening day. So, I sounded pretty grumpy yesterday morning and I apologize. I should have just posted the pics and left it at that! One game is certainly not enough to judge [...] Continue reading

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The Mac Dog (Not McDog)

After rumors of new food spread through NatsTown the last week, I was intrigued by the “Thai Dog” mentioned as one of the new food options at Nationals Park. I generally try to avoid eating at the stadium to save what’s left of my figure, but I was hungry yesterday, so made an exception. Plus, [...] Continue reading

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2011 Opening Day Thoughts and Photos

Opening Day! Woo? Sometimes I have to question my sanity going through all this for a game (after game after game after game). My day started by layering up to sit in low 40 degree temps with a constant mist/drizzle/rain for hours to getting stuck in traffic where jerks decided they didn’t have to wait [...] Continue reading

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Scoresheet of 2011 Opening Day reveals odd phenomenon

With the kick-off of a new season (I’ll get to my “Yay! Opening Day!” post when I recover from road rage and frozen numbness), it seems as good a time as any to revisit my baseball scoring system, since I know there are geeks out there who dig this kind of thing (you know who [...] Continue reading

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