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Believe Me When I Tell You I Completely Forgot It Was Draft Day

I had a feeling something was going on Nationals wise on Monday, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. All day, as I trekked through the Virginian wilderness looking for the remaining coyotes that have been plaguing a small farm community in central VA I had this nagging feeling something was up. The NQ [...] Continue reading

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Come On, Give Bryce Some Sugar

So if you haven’t seen it yet, HERE is some video of Nationals phenom and super prospect Bryce Harper smashing a home run during a June 6th Hagerstown Suns game and as he comes around third to home plate he obviously blows a kiss to the pitcher. Yes he does. It isn’t anything else. He [...] Continue reading

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His Beard Hurts

I feel so out of the loop. Having a real job and doing real work actually really sucks– if you consider coyote chasing a real job and real work. It seems every time I feel I get caught up on the Nats I am suddenly buried in oodles of information and news that is being [...] Continue reading

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This Nats Photo Needs Immediate Captioning

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Your Nationals Dispatch: Mugshots, Millionaires And More Edition

I would like to proudly announce that the lovely Miss Natpenny and I are expecting our second little Nats fan this October. I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am. This news means three things: My seed is awesome. (Sorry ladies, you missed out.) The Nationals Inquisition now has potentially two who can [...] Continue reading

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We Can’t Be Serious About This Teddy Thing. Ever.

Seriously, Natstown. I’m out in the hot, stinking wilderness hunting coyote with a pinky-up tea sipper named Rumplefoot, I finally get an Internet signal and what am I subjected to? A growing concern about the lack of wins– for Teddy the Living Bobblehead president. It seems this all roots from those cryptic comments by Jayson [...] Continue reading

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Michael Morse’s Walk-Off Swagger Led Me To Scream Only One Thing

Blog Responsibly.
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Jayson Werth Is A Werewolf Of Mystery

The Nationals got completely savaged and swept out of Milwaukee this afternoon. It was actually a pretty good fight as crappy baseball games go. The Nationals kept trying to come back, but the Brewers always seemed to come up with the answers and the Nationals eventually lost 6-4. The series and the whole road trip [...] Continue reading

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This Is What Happens When The Nuts Run The Nat House

It has been a pretty tough month for Nationals GM Mike Rizzo. First his Grandfather passed away on May 15th to which the NQ offers our condolences. Then the baseball team he made out of clay and bubble gum stopped hitting. This was followed by him going after some hack job New York umpires who [...] Continue reading

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Adam LaRoche Is Placed On The DL And Almost No One Notices – UPDATED

Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche has been placed on the 15-Day DL says The shoulder injury that has been plaguing the buck hunting first bagman since Spring Training finally caught up with him. It is said that multi-talented Michael Morse will be taking over first base duties in LaRoche’s absence. A corresponding move to [...] Continue reading

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