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The Sunday Paper Will Be A Little More Hairy This Week

If you haven’t seen it yet or heard, there is a Jayson Werth poster that is going to be inserted into the Washington Post Sunday paper tomorrow (Sunday). Here is it is. I’ve searched for signs this is Werth with a photoshopped Nats jersey on, much like his Topps card, but no such luck. It [...] Continue reading

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Nationals Nirvana: Smells Like Team Spirit

The rain began to fall, but it could not erase the atmosphere around me that willingly violated my senses. The sights, the smells and the sounds of Nationals Park– no other place like it in the world. I sucked in huge quantities of air into my lungs and enjoyed the smells of the concessions, beer, [...] Continue reading

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Battle Of The Beltways 6/17 Photo Buffet

(*John Wall of the NBA Washington Wizards throwing out the first pitch)
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Sweet Nationals Victory Is Lemon-Lime Flavored

Shhh, quiet! Keep it down! I need to hear what is going on outside my tent. The coyote hunting gig has gone a bit unusual if it hasn’t already as my employer Lord Rumplefoot’s servant Chonsey is serious on some strange bend. Perhaps he took some exotic herbs he can only get in his country [...] Continue reading

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Out For The Season. LaOuche.

Reports are coming in that Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche will have season ending surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. LaRoche met with team officials today just before Tuesday’s game against the Cardinals to discuss his options. What he chose is a bitter pill to swallow. The buck hunting first baseman [...] Continue reading

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Zimmermanpolooza Begins

You’ll never guess who is back. Never. You could take a million years and come up with a gazillion different answers, but you still would never get it. I would recommend not even trying because you’ll never guess. Quit now while you are ahead. Don’t waste your breath. No, don’t even make a dicky-bird. You [...] Continue reading

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More Information Reveals Livo Might Be Going Tony Montana On Everyone

The Washington Times released a story last night that gives detailed research and testimony into the possible links and relationships harbored by Nationals pitcher Livan Hernandez and the known drug trafficker Angel Ayala-Vazquez aka “El Buster”… what a weak drug dealer name. It doesn’t really intimidate anyone except maybe a classroom full of Kindergarten children. [...] Continue reading

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Your Nationals Dispatch: SPOOOCK! Edition

You remember the most recent Star Trek movie? Eric Bana plays the villain, a Romulan miner gone absolutely apeshit and there is this scene where he goes nuts and starts screaming, “SPOCK!”? For absolutely no reason at all except for the fact recent news in Natstown might make you go equally as batty and shout [...] Continue reading

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The Anniversary Of “The Debut”

Today marks the anniversary of the Stephen Strasburg debut. It is without a doubt in my mind the single greatest game in Nationals history thus far and anyone who disagrees can certainly step up to the plate, say another game and state a case, but– no. No other game united the organization and the fans, [...] Continue reading

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Riggleman and Marquis Get A Pankin’

Yeah, Jim, I’d look a little glum too if I got screwed over like you and Jason Marquis did. Usually I’d bust your balls about your managerial skills or your substitutions, but tonight you and I are on the same page, pal. What happened to you and Marquis is bulls**t. reports the MLB has [...] Continue reading

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